We invest in software development...
You invest in your core business

Until now, the only alternative to service bureaus was to bring everything in-house. Outsourcing usually means losing control of customer service and data management. In-house means the burdens of unfamiliar technology and extra staff.

Now Brauch Database Systems offers an alternative solution which can revolutionize your business. We will partner with you, providing integrated systems and pro-active support services, ranging from facilities management — where we assume full responsibility for the management of your database — to turnkey in-house systems you run yourself.

We collaborate with your staff to extract maximum benefit from your data. We help you maximize your most valuable asset, your subscriber database — enhance

the value of your information. This approach improves customer service; it provides valuable research data for advertisers; and it leads to truly effective database marketing. And we leave you in control.

Your Payoff?

  • Superior customer service
  • Increased advertising revenues
  • Increased circulation revenues
  • Lower cost per transaction
  • Sharply increased profits

Call us…
…if you’ve been thinking about how to get more value out of your data; …if you’re seriously interested in making more money.

We’re so confident that our technology will make your marketing smarter and more profitable that we’ll base part of our fees on results.

…Our mission is to enable you to deliver superior customer services, and sharply increase revenue and profit by providing advanced data management software and services.