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Since the introduction of moveable type, no other development has provided more turbulence and change for the publishing industry than the convergence of computer and communications technologies.

This digital revolution in information processing and the creation of the Internet has created opportunities publishers could only dream of twenty-five years ago — opportunities to provide superior customer service, subscription sales converting knowledge into power and wealth. For publishers, these opportunities present themselves in two ways.

First: database systems have matured. Information is now easier to collect, store and

analyze. It can be delivered to subscribers and advertisers, faster and more easily, than ever before.

Second: using specially designed database systems linked to their web-sites, publishers can dramatically enhance what they know about their readers. This intelligence can then be leveraged to sell advertising more effectively; provide superior customer service; recognize and test new product opportunities; sell higher quality subscriptions; and, explore innovative new marketing strategies.

Strategy is the key. While advances in technology make it possible to take subscription processing to new levels of sophistication, it is foremost

a strategic business decision to use database technology in more effective ways — to bring publishers closer to their readers and more in tune with their information needs…

…it’s not just about ink on paper any more — it’s about providing a variety of information services and products to subscribers, and more valuable intelligence about subscribers to advertisers.

…it’s about integrating the core processes — consolidating all information sources into one single knowledge database; and then placing this powerful tool at the fingertips of top management and marketing, advertising sales, circulation and customer service staff. On-line. In real time.