We partner with you...
and focus on your business continuity

We partner with our clients, providing integrated systems and support services, from facilities management — where we assume full responsibility for the management of our client’s database — to turnkey in-house systems.

Working with Brauch Database Systems means collaborating with some with some very bright minds and sharing their headware — their considerable hands-on industry experience.

Our focus is your environment; we ensure you are free to concentrate on maximizing your business opportunities.

We deliver smart, fingertip integration of your core processes:

  • Customer service & order processing
  • Marketing & merchandising
  • Data mining & analysis
  • Fulfillment & inventory management
  • Circulation management & audit

Integrated knowledge management adds value to your data, giving you the opportunity to benefit from the following:

  • Increased intelligence extracted from your data, enabling you to make more informed marketing decisions
  • Superior what-if analysis, drill-down graphing, cross-tabulation
  • Ongoing trend analysis to alert you to shifting market trends
  • Systems tailored to your precise needs
  • An opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your advertisers. Advertisers can correlate their survey data with your subscriber data to pinpoint new opportunities.

Publishers are in the information business. Our vision is no less than to bring about a paradigm shift — a fundamental change in the way publishers view information and in the way they do business.